Our approach

Our approach

We understand that many young people referred to our service may have experienced Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

We will support our young people to take control of their lives and behaviours by adopting a robust, yet flexible, approach that adapts in line with their changing needs.

Our approach to supporting traumatised young people includes:

  • Developing and building meaningful relationships.
  • Building resilience and adopting strength-based approaches such as music, dance or exercise.
  • Helping them learn strategies to regulate themselves.
  • Assisting them in developing emotional skills and accountability.
  • Using positive reinforcement as a means of building confidence and capitalising upon progress.

We firmly believe that young people who have suffered ACEs can not only recover from their experiences, but can go on to lead happy and fulfilled lives and be even more productive and loving than their non-traumatised peers.

This will not always be easy; however we are committed to helping our young people recover on their journey and we understand the necessity of enduring and consistent support.