Our Support

Our Support

We recognise that most of the young people referred to our service will have experienced loss and adverse experiences within their lives and, as such, will require and benefit from caring, therapeutic support staff who are appropriately responsive. It is important to our support team that they form positive, sensitive relationships with our young people and all staff members are adequately supported and will receive mandatory training and regular supervision conducted by suitably qualified staff members to ensure this is able to happen.

Each young person will have a key worker and a tailored support plan which addresses any identified need e.g. positive communication or managing feelings of anger and frustration in a socially acceptable manner, as well as independent living skills such as cooking, managing finances and job applications.

We can also offer unaccompanied asylum seeking children 1:1 key work sessions around life and integration in the UK.

As we are an unregulated provision we are legally able to provide our young people with excellent support, however we are unable to provide them with care. This means there are some things we cannot do for young people. This includes:

  • Managing young people's finances for them.
  • Providing constant supervision of young people.
  • Controlling or administering medication for young people.
  • Preventing a young person staying out overnight.
  • Controlling when a young person comes and goes.
  • Imposing any sanction other than those detailed in our statement of purpose.
  • Any form of restraint.